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Hi! I'm a Data Scientist at Microsoft, working on the Azure Hardware Architecture (AHA) team. In my spare time, I love taking photos, skiing, 3D printing, and reading. Sometimes I write blog posts here and post photos I've taken here.

Before Microsoft, I worked at Mercedes Benz Research and Development in Seattle, where I built Kubernetes enabled full stack applications and worked on distributed machine learning cloud prototypes. In the far past, I worked at Silicon Mechanics developing software to automate laying down test images over bare metal servers and clusters.

From 2016 to the end of 2018 I was a Master's student at UBC under the supervision of Mieszko Lis and Guy Lemieux, where I researched ways to prune neural networks while training, creating DropBack, achieving state of the art results in pruning WRN-28-10 on CIFAR-10 during training. DropBack enables accelerators like Procrustes that can save energy and improve performance by training with sparsity.